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Todd Beamer A hero is a person who is admired for his or her qualities or achievements. Heroes are brave and influential figures who perform selfless deeds to help others. These role models give everything and expect nothing in return. An extraordinary hero named Todd Beamer is an important leader who has left a positive effect on the world. Todd Beamer had a wonderful life that ended in a devastating and unexpected tragedy. Todd Beamer was born on the year 1969, in Flushing Michigan. Todd Beamer’s younger years were devoted mainly to athletics especially baseball. By his senior year. his family moved to California where he attended college at Fresco State University and played baseball. Todd Beamer chose a career in business instead and married his wife Lisa in 1994. During that same year Todd earned his master’s in business administration from DePaul University in Chicago. Beamer and his wife then moved to Princeton, New York. Soon after,Todd was hired as an Account Manager at Oracle Corporations in Cranbury, New Jersey Todd was a dedicated business man, husband,…show more content…
Beamer got on the phone with a supervisor named Lisa Jefferson, who told him there was an attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and Flight 93 was aimed towards the White House or the Capitol Building. Todd knew he was going to die once the plane crashed, and knew he had to do something to save others’ lives outside the plane. After a long talk with the supervisor, he hatched a plan to disorient the hijackers and to stop them from crashing into a workplace or a building. Todd’s last words Lisa could hear was “‘Are you guys ready? Let’s roll’” (To the Heroes of Flight 93).That was a famous saying to this day and has symbolized courage, bravery, and what a true hero is. Todd Beamer and many others on Flight 93 saved a lot of innocent lives that day and will always be recognized as true

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