Personal Narrative: A Loss For Words

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A Loss For Words Have you ever lost someone you have never met but they were your best friend? I know crazy, but it has happened to me and many other people around the world. Let me share my story. Sunday, February 8th was an easy, cloudy day. Nothing to do but relax, and do a little bit of homework. I slept in till the late afternoon and I woke up to my IPad buzzing like crazy. It was my best friend, Katie, wanting to know if I could hop on Skype and talk for a little bit. Let me explain Katie and I relationship. We were super close, I knew everything about her and she knew everything about me, so I thought. Katie lived in a little town in Minnesota and the likelihood of us to meet was pretty close to zero, no matter the amount of 11:11 wishes. Immediately, I texted back and ran down stairs to say good morning but everyone was gone and there was a note on the table that read out “on erand be home by dinner -mom.” Finally, I was home alone. I grabbed a muffin from the counter and logged on Skype. Katie and I talked…show more content…
All of my friends were sitting down and talking. Once I came everyone looked at me with sad puppy eyes. Almost hoping for this all to pass and me to be my normal self again. Allyson came over to where I was sitting and gave me a note. A long note like front and back. As I read the note I cried harder and harder. After reading the note I broke and all my amazing friends huddled around. They were my barrier, they kept me strong. As I walked to the counselors I got lots of confused, pity looks. Allyson went in first and I followed. I sat down next Allyson and talked the counselor. I was asked personal questions about what had happened and how I was feeling. I answered truthfully because I had no reason to lie. As the time went on in the counselors I had been receiving kind notes from other students. In the counselor's I called my mom to explain what had happened and why I was acting weird and

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