Modest Proposals In Pride And Prejudice

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Although the differences between the two proposals outweigh the comparisons as far as the progression of the story goes, it still is important to recognize how the comparisons between both proposals add key points to the cumulative progression of the plot and the characters. To start, both proposals presented to Elizabeth Bennet by Mr. Collins and Fitzwilliam Darcy were extremely condescending. This aura of superiority was mocked in Jane Austen’s point of view considering men like Mr. Collin’s viewed themselves highly in the female circle of society. This false sense of agreeable characteristic attributes only made matters worse for Mr. Collins in his proposal to Miss Bennet when she lashed him and continuously denied his proposal. As for Mr. Darcy, his proposal…show more content…
She constantly hacked away at the opportunity to smite their character and pride. This is evident when Elizabeth constantly belittles Mr. Collins in his persistent ways of asking for her hand in marriage. This same act is similar to Mr. Darcy’s proposal as well when Elizabeth makes sly comments on Darcy’s unforgivable actions towards Jane and Mr. Bingley. Elizabeth also noted Mr. Darcy’s actions towards Wickham in her defense, further drawing the conclusion of Elizabeth not wanting to accept his proposal. Both characters, Mr. Darcy and Mr. Collins, became surprised by such a decline from Elizabeth and did not really know how to respond mainly because they thought she would accept their proposals. Both characters were unfortunately left to wonder how such a woman could decline such a proposal. Ultimately, both proposals presented to Elizabeth Bennet had their own equal sense of defeat. Darcy’s proposal was his outlet to releasing the pressure of all the emotion built within him up until this point. He stated, “In vain I have

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