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The government of the United States of America is split up into three sections of government: the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches. Every member from the branches is voted in by the citizens of the United States. The Legislative branch can be arguably the most important of the three branches. The Legislative branch contains The House of Representatives, made up of 435 members with a certain number of members per state that is depended on the states population, and the Senate, made up of two members per state. The Legislative branch mostly works with the laws of America. The legislative process allows Congress to properly address the needs of the nation. One way the legislative process allows Congress to properly address the needs…show more content…
A bill starts out by a citizen having an issue with something, and that person informs a Congressman on their issue. If the Congressman agrees with the issue then the Congressman writes up a bill. Next the bill is introduced to either the Senate or the House, and then the bill is referred to a committee or subcommittee that marks up the bill with changes. Then, the bill is voted on by the full committee, and then if it passes the committee it is put in debate. This process must be done and voted on in the House and Senate and if the bill is voted down in either of the two, then the bill is killed. The voting of bills is fair because each congressman works for the people. If a congressman thinks the people wouldn’t agree then they turn down the bill. The majority vote is right more often then the minority…show more content…
The President is voted into the position by citizens from the entire country. People vote for the President because they have the same thoughts as the politician they vote for. When the President looks at bills that have been passed by Congress, he must take into consideration the needs of the nation. If the bill does not follow the needs of the nation, then the Presidents can veto the bill and make it go through Congress once again. The President must take into great consideration each bill he receives because Congress takes lots of time to look over every bill. The only way a bill can get through Congress is if the House and Senate gives a majority

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