Adaptive Behavior: Erickson Model Of Phychosocial Development

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Defense mechanisms are psychological strategies that are unwittingly used to shield a person from tension emerging from unsatisfying feelings or thoughts. We utilize defense mechanism to shield ourselves from emotions like anxiety or guilt, which emerge in light of the fact that we feel debilitated, or on the grounds that our id or superego turns out to be excessively requesting. They are not under our cognizant control, and are non-voluntaristic. Defense mechanism can be distinguished between to forms of behavior adaptive and maladaptive. Adaptive behavior enables people to adjust in a constructive way to different circumstances. It is a useful acclimation to a specific conduct. Adaptive behavior makes a condition where the individual can…show more content…
Max has failed to progress through some development stages due to the constant disturbance in parental assistance. Some individuals don't appear to have the capacity to abandon one phase and continue on to the following. One purpose behind this might be that the necessities of the creating individual at a specific stage might not have been satisfactorily met in which case there is frustration. You see these forms of frustration through his outburst, aggressive behavior towards his genitals, and codependent to Kelly’s presence and withdraw behavior. The least helpful theory was Erickson model of psychosocial development. Erickson states that as a child effectively settles successive crisis in their social condition, self-image and feeling of personality develops. "The result of this 'development timetable' is a wide and coordinated arrangement of fundamental abilities and capacities that capacity together inside the autonomous person. Notwithstanding, rather than concentrating on sexual development like Freud, he was keen on how children socialized and how this influences their feeling of self." McLeod. S. (McLeod, 2009). Separation from the caregiver as supported by Erickson happens over the range of every natural life form. It loans almost no new knowledge to the referred to improvement pattern of nature as it applies to this case. The theory of individuation considers the child's singularity verses the mother figure. (McLeod, 2009) For Max's situation, he is under the care of both her great aunt Agnes and Kelly his aunt. In this manner, the theory does not represent Max's different parental figure circumstances. To the theory's end, Max's division would be two overlap thinking considering his

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