Dow Corning Code Of Conduct

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Dow Corning is the largest corporation to produce silicone material and technology. The corporation has location around the world. Dow Corning was establish for helping the U.S military in World War II by manufacturing silicone products. After the war Dow Corning had widened their production of silicone into many different industry. Silicone are used in many different types of industry, for example health care, solar, plastics, electrical, consumer goods and etc. Dow Corning in the health care industry develop silicone base material that provided solution for pharmaceutical biopharmaceutical processing, medical device, wound care, and etc. In solar industry Dow Corning is using silicone material and technology to improve the sustainability of solar products. Similar to the solar industry, plastic industrial also use silicone to improve the sustainability and cost efficiency. Dow Corning manufacture plastics for different types of uses for example automotive, office equipment, telecommunication and electronics. In electrical industry Dow Corning use silicones to improve the electrical wire and cable so that they can be use in safety and reliable situation. Dow Corning use silicone to improve the performance of consumer products, such as protective equipment, sporting goods, and infant care produces in the consumer goods industry.…show more content…
These seven code of conduct are integrity, employees, customers, safety, quality, sustainability, and technology. Dow Corning not only have these seven code of conduct that they built on, they also corporate citizenships and community. They also help to develop silicone base products to improve the community all around the world. Dow Corning foundation has investing in education, community vitality, volunteering, and community outreach to invest in future generation and let them make a difference in the

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