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The Jingle Dress Dance is made up of women who dance at a powwow in order to heal the sick. The dance started around the 1920s in Canada and moved into the Northern region of the United States. It is performed today to believe in the healing of any “physical, mental or emotional state of the self” (Attaway, Jennifer Whitefeather; “Jingle Dress Dance”). Jingle Dress Dance was introduced then gradually decreased because of more contemporary dances. “It became well known in the 1970s when the women started to wear their jingle dresses again” (Cook, Roy; “Women Jingle Dress Pow Wow Regalia”). It was introduced by the Ojibwe people and was said that a spirit appeared in a grandfather's dream who had an ill granddaughter (n.p.; “PowWow:…show more content…
The history of the story brings an insightful background and meaning of how the Jingle Dress Dance became originated. It tells how dreams can be believed and made true. I find it interesting originating among a family’s story and being passed down through generations that still celebrate today. Traditions like these hold a lot of respect within their culture. Like me, people do not always realize that there is most likely a meaning when seeing a particular Native American dance. Along with traditions, there is more to know about the clothing and dance…show more content…
They are known to have beautiful vibrant colors with beading and patterns in order for them to stand out. The regalia is all handmade by the dancers and maybe help from their families. It is expensive to collect all the materials needed in order to make theirs noticeable and the best. There are “300-600 cones on each dress made out of tin and Copenhagen tobacco lids” (Cook, Roy; “Women Jingle Dress Pow Wow Regalia”). The cones are made to where they are attached close to one another by pieces of ribbons so that they hit together and make a jingling sound. The jingles are symbols that are used to be made “happy” (n.p., “PowWow: Dances: Women’s Jingle Dress”). Today, the women dance with eagle feathers in their hair and made into a fan that is held in one hand as they rotate it from side to side. Depending on the powwow, some women believe in fasting a few days before they wear the dress for better

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