Perseverance In Unbroken

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Always have a good vision for the future, and don’t ever think something bad is going to happen to you. Thinking that something bad is going to happen is not going to get you anywhere; but when you have a good vision of the future, you’ll be more encouraged to try harder to make that happen and you won’t give up as easily. In Unbroken, Mac; who survived the plane crash along with Loui but died soon; was sure that he would die. He remained passive. The more he withdrew, the more depressed he became. He gave up very easily. Whereas Loui focused on the future, never forgot it, and kept himself occupied with tasks, even small ones, to help him get closer to it. He used his perseverance and resourcefulness to keep him and his crewmates alive. He…show more content…
The small successes he had with his experiments increased his confidence and it became a positive cycle for both him and Pil. The more he and Phil accomplished, the more hopeful they became about their chances of surviving and the more strength they developed. He even remembered a college instructor telling him to think of the brain as a muscle, needing to exercise to stay in shape. So he decided to give their brains workouts everyday. They shared memories with each other and asked questions. “...the conversations kept their minds sharp, pulled them out of their suffering, and set the future before them as something to live for…” (Hillenbrand p.144). However, Mac did not participate in these conversations. “Though others encouraged him, he couldn’t see the future. The world was too far gone” (Hillenbrand p.144). On the thirty-third day in the ocean, he passed away even though he had eaten the same amount of food as the others, if not more. In The Odyssey, when Odysseus began his long voyage, he thought he would help conquer Troy then return back home to his family. Just when eh thought he had finished his duties and could reunite with his family again, bad luck struck him and things kept getting in his way, preventing him from successfully returning back home to

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