Personal Narrative: My First Marching Band Team

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It had been a long, hot, and tiring August with band camp practically every day. It was hard work but I would come to realize that it was worth every second. I had joined marching band and I focused on my goal to do good during the football season and at parades. So I pushed through it never loosing focus on my goal. The end of August came and school was starting and I had realized that marching band was a way to meet new people and make new friends. Even after band camp I was still nervous about the first game. I still never gave up and slowly practice after practice I was no longer nervous and in fact I wish that it was game time right then and there. Even during all the hard work I never regretted joining marching band not even for a second,…show more content…
It was game day once again. It was eighth period on September 11th, 2015. “Don’t forget Marching Band folks there is a home game tonight and your report time is 5:45 PM.” Said Mr. Armstrong. I was so excited but yet still I was nervous about what would happen if I made a mistake. Even at 5:45 PM when we began to warm up. Before we warmed up another band director Mrs. Snyder said, “ Don’t worry you will do great.” Then before I knew it I had heard another band director Mr. Mattchett say,” BEN TEN HUT!” Then the band roared, “ONE!” Then I heard Mr. Mattchett whistle again. This time it was to start the roll off. Then after the roll off the drum line and I a cymbal player started to play our Cadence. We had marched from right outside the IHS band room on the S curve, to the football field entrance by the IHS cafeteria. Then we went down the stairs and lined up at the end of the end zone for our pregame. It was time for us to perform our pregame for the first time at a football game for the season. We played our pregame with little to no trouble. It was in about a fourth of the way into the second quarter when Mr. Babick said,” Time to go warm up for

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