Rosebud Art Vs Crayola Comparison

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Unlike Crayola, RoseArt did not begin as a crayon making company. Rosebud Art was founded in 1923 by Isidor Rosen. The only thing the company sold was coloring books, but about two decades later their products diversified and they began to sell art and school supplies which included crayons. Binney & Smith developed their crayons in 1903 that sold under the name Crayola. ( Both companies have been around for several decades except one has been around longer than the other. If the two are compared in quality, price and popularity, Crayola is the better candidate. When deciding on which brand of crayons to buy, quality can be a deciding factor. RoseArt has an unfortunate disproportion of wax in their crayons that when…show more content…
They have a variety of only five different boxes while Crayola has more than seven. This includes a box of 8 jumbo crayons, a box of 16, 24, and 64 with and without a sharpener. Both the 8 jumbo and 24ct crayons cost a low price of $0.99 cents. The 16 count crayons cost $0.88 cents. Lastly the 64 count crayons without a sharpener cost $3.29 and with a sharpener, $4.99. In comparison to Crayola, there is a big difference in the amount of different colors. The classic boxes of Crayola crayons are 16, 24, 48, 64, 96, 126, and 152. The prices are considerably higher than RoseArt, but how much does one pay for quality? The sixteen count costs a dollar and ninety-nine cents, the twenty-four count costs two dollars and forty-nine cents, the forty-eight count costs four dollars and forty-nine cents, the 64 count, including the sharpener costs $5.49, the other 64 count has bonus features like morphing photos into cartoon characters you can do for the same price, the ninety-six count boxes are the same deal with the price of seven dollars and ninety-nine cents, the one hundred and twenty count box costs eleven dollars and forty-nine cents, and lastly the one hundred and fifty count ultimate box costs fourteen dollars and ninety-seven cents. As you can tell there are so many more options to choose from with Crayolas. These prices certainly…show more content…
In a class survey of 18 students, all except one person said that they prefer Crayola over RoseArt. Now in other instances, this could be because they were truthfully answering or this could be because they did not want to be the odd one out. Of course Crayola was the obvious winner and this mini survey proved it. This is not to say that there can’t be certain instances where younger children want to color and they are tough with their things so parents choose whether or not to buy crayons that are the best quality. Even though RoseArt is stumped into number two under arts and crafts, that doesn’t stop them from continuing to pursue other products.( Crayons just may not be their thing. Their crayons may be used in pre-school and maybe even kindergarten. Rarely are people asked on school supply lists to get RoseArt crayons because they can usually buy their own preferred brand. From personal experience, I remember disliking whenever the students do not get to keep their colors because whenever other people brought in different brands of crayons, you’d have to share! With seniority, Crayola continues to be the most popular brand in arts and crafts. Although it’s not a question you would really ask anyone, if you had to chose between the two, Crayola would be the answer you’d get from basically

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