Paytm Case Study

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Discussion The aim of this research was to figure out the media strategies used by Paytm during demonetization for the growth of Paytm and to study how the media strategies affected Paytm’s acceptance after demonetization. There are three main hypothesis for this study: Usage of Paytm increased during demonetization as the country went cashless, making it popular amongst all consumers. The wide acceptance of Paytm amongst various merchants increased its popularity. The 360 degree campaign of Paytm during demonetization made consumers go back to Paytm for their day to day usage. Hypothesis 1: According to this study, the hypothesis was found to be true. As the whole nation went cashless due to demonetization, the usage of E-wallets increased amongst consumers for bill payments, movie tickets, railway and airline ticket booking, etc. And Paytm, showed to be the most popular amongst all other e-wallets as Paytm also became the e-commerce leader. Therefore, the result prove hypothesis 1.…show more content…
Therefore, the results prove Hypothesis 2. Hypothesis 3: During the difficult times of demonetization, Paytm launched various television commercials showcasing various categories where Paytm users can make payments like auto fares, grocery bills, payments at petrol pumps, sending money to relatives, paying for utilities like electricity bills, etc while also reaching out to consumers via social media as well. Therefore, the results prove Hypothesis 3.

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