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Introduction The revolution of technology has brought to human kind a lot of benefits. With the high development of technology people can do variety of things that years ago we just dared to dream about it. However, the sources of energy that human uses still rudimentary. Many kind of fossils like coal, oil,…in the earth’s womb are exploited and they are not clean for our environment. The process of plantation and shipping both leave consequences which not also hardly to deal with but also affect directly to the environment. Oil spill is one of them and it wastes the vital and exhausted fossil. Especially, it kills our nature; part of it is the diverse coral reef. According to the International Coral Reef Information Network, a quarter of…show more content…
Oil spill: 1: What is oil spill? Oil spill, according to the circular of the Vietnamese Ministry of Science and Environment, number 2262 which is promulgated in 29th December 1995, is a phenomenon can be found in searching, probing, exploiting, transporting, processing, distribution activities. 2:Oil spill, a worldwide problem: All over the world, there were many seriously oil spills such as Deepwater Horizon which pumped into Gulf of Mexico 200 gallons crude oil or Kuwait’s oil spill in Iraq in 1991 with more than 300 gallons of oil is spilled(DATVIET newspaper) .Even in Viet Nam, a country which amount of oil is unmatched with Mexico or Iraq, still has 90 cases of oil spill since 1987(GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY AND TRADING CO.,LTD). The most remarkable case is the ship accident between Formosa on Liberia ship and Petrolimex 01 ship at Gianh Roi-Vung Tau bay. It caused pollution to an entire marine ecosystem in Vung Tau. Those evidences show that oil spill can happen anywhere that carelessness of human operation exists. 3:What causes oil spill?(DEPARTMENT OF NATURUAL RESOURCES ANDENVIRONMENT OF BINH DINH PROVINCE) a. On…show more content…
Mostly, oil kill coral by its toxic nature or prevent coral from photosynthesis. However, if the spill stays on the surface of the water and evaporates within days, oil may not affect directly to the corals. On the other hand, in the spawning period, eggs and sperm can be extremely harmed when they float near the surface which prevent them from reproducing later.( Cutler J. Cleveland) It is hard to understand by saying all the theories. Example is the best way to illustrate how oil effect to coral reef. Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico from April to August 2010 is known as the largest oil spill accident in the history of the petroleum industry. This horrible accident not only took away 11 engineer’s lives but also slowly damaged a 7 miles brightly colored of coral colony into a brown deadly creature (Welch, William M., and Chris Joyne). “It was like a graveyard of corals” said Erik Cordes, who went down and witnessed every single scenes , a biologist at Temple

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