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Facts and Fallacies about Paycheck Fairness is an article written by Phyllis Schlafly. She explains how women being paid less in the work place is their choice more than anything. To put it mildly, I disagree with every point this woman made in her article. To understand where Schlafly is coming from, one has to understand her background. She is a 90 year old conservative activist who is a longtime opponent of the Equal Rights Amendment. In this article, she made a point that it’s not the fact that women are paid less, but that they choose to work less hours in careers that do not pay as much as men. My reaction when I read this was what decade was this written? There are more women in the math and science fields today like never before. More jobs are starting to become more unisex than the usual stereotypes. You have male nurses, female engineers, and the list goes on. This is a known fact. Schlafly, however, believes women are supposed to be paid lesser anyway which brings me to her next point.…show more content…
She pointed out that women prefer to marry men that earn more than they do. She even went further as to say that if women were to be paid the same as men (which contradicts her argument that that there is no pay difference between the two) they would not be able to find a companion. That is absurd! But at the same time I can sympathize with her. She was born in an era where women were housewives and the men were the main source of income. With that being said, times have changed. Sure, statistics might show that at the moment more women are married to men with higher earnings than them but that doesn’t prove anything. If the tables were to be turned around, Phyllis suggests that more marriages would fail for that reason alone. Essentially she was just saying women are supposed to be paid less for their own

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