Paul Mccartney: The Beatles Early Life

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Perhaps you have heard of the Beatles, the British group of four young men who released hits such as Hey Jude, Let it Be, Yesterday, and countless others. These songs not only generated countless amounts of fame and fortune for John Lennon, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, and Paul McCartney, but also helped set the foundation for a massive amount of contemporary music's diverse genres. The focus of this paper, however, is not solely on the Beatles. This paper is focused on Paul McCartney, "the cute one" of the group, as he was nicknamed by young people across the world during the twilight of the Beatles' career. His experiences in his early life helped decide how he approached music and composition, which has in turn changed the way musicians…show more content…
This, in part, may be an effect of him teaching himself several instruments and the technicalities behind music. He also based a lot of his music on what he enjoyed listening to. His favorite music often contributed to his music's subject matter, dramatic melody lines, and the selection of instruments such as the guitar and piano to base his music around. Despite the sometimes simple arrangements of Paul McCartney's songs, the performance and lyrics are often cited as being leading reasons why some of his songs achieved copious amounts of success. Take, for example, Yesterday, written and performed by Paul. The musical elements of this song are somewhat straight forward; a solo acoustic guitar played to a relatively simple beat, Paul singing by himself, and an accompaniment of strings. The performance is one way this song became so popular among music listeners everywhere. The acoustic guitar is played cleanly and on beat, and Paul McCartney sings with fluid yet masculine movements across the jumping melody. The lyrics themselves are also thought-provoking and help contribute to the musical themes of the song. Lastly, the stringed instruments are blended beautifully into the background, also contributing to an acceptingly somber tone found throughout the rest of this piece of…show more content…
Perhaps this was the perfect time for Paul McCartney to begin his career because it helped him maximize his popularity among global music listeners, spreading his musical creations. Some of Paul McCartney's earliest published musical productions were with the Beatles, albeit under different names at different times (at the beginning of its formation). During his time with the Beatles, Paul co-wrote dozens of hit songs with them. All of these incorporated his instrumentation, and typically included some of his songwriting as well. Paul also wrote some of his own songs with the Beatles, with Yesterday being a prime example of this. Later in his time with the Beatles, Paul McCartney also began working on his solo career, and collaborating with other musicians and continues to collaborate with others to this day. Paul also continues to perform concerts and has in fact performed more than 3,000 concerts to date. Once again, his ongoing musical career has resulted in more and more young fans becoming aware of Sir Paul McCartney (he has been knighted by the Queen of England for artistic achievement), and has kept old fans happy with replays of his old songs, as well as newer musical

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