My Reflection Of Teaching Secondary School Mathematics

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The course Teaching Secondary School Mathematics was very interesting and informative. As I reflect on this course I recognize that it has brought a lot of information into perspective. My classmates and I, at first, found this very tedious but we gradually got a sense of appreciation for the wealth of knowledge we gained from this experience. Among some of the points emphasised were how to write unit plans and lesson plans implementing the 5E’s. It was reiterated that these plans were to be student-centred and not teacher centred. We were taught that students learn better when they are able to see things, than being taught abstract. Hence, the integration of technology in all of its form is very important when lessons are being taught.…show more content…
Collaboration and cooperative learning was also some points that we stressed and perceived, noting that they are very important in the classroom. It was pointed out that when students are totally involved in the lessons they retain the information far better and are able to take this information with them in the world of work. We were likewise informed that when setting questions for students to complete, we should ensure that the questions are of real-life experience and questions that students can relate to. . We looked at five (5) main branches of mathematics namely, algebra, geometry, measurement, number theory and statistics & probability. While looking at the unit, we were paired and each student had to present two (2) teaching episodes of how to teach different sub-topics of the different branches along with two (2) appropriate instructional aid for the

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