Ethical Problems Of Surrogacy

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1.) Family to me is the people you are the closet with. The one’s that look out for your best interest. Families take care of one another and help one another succeed. Families usually consist of a mother, father, and maybe some siblings. Society now, has very different types of families. Not all family’s have a both a mother or father and they are not always biological children. The family dynamic has changed drastically in the past few years were it is more acceptable to all the different types of family’s in that exist. After you read: 2.) In the “Her Body, My Baby” article they mentioned that there is a lot of ethnical debate about attaching a dollar figure to the creation of a human life. Another legal and ethical problem that is encountered in surrogacy is that when the child is born the birth mother has no right over the child. After carrying the child for six months she expected to just give the child over which comes with the concern of what if letting go is too overwhelming for the birth mother. Some religions also frown upon children that are made from science. Surrogacy is unregulated and can vary from state to state. Like in New York where the lady lived it is illegal to pay someone for being a surrogate mother. But in New Jersey the genetic…show more content…
Some ethical topics that came are when Dr. Patel says that people criticize her work because she has made baby selling into a business. The surrogate mothers do all the work and at the end are in return paid for their work almost like a job. Once the baby is born the mother has no duties towards the baby. The surrogates mother name is not put on the birth certificate which make it easier to hide the fact that the mother is not technically the biological parent of the

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