Pathetic Fallacy In Frankenstein Essay

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Gothicism was the return to classicism associating with the medieval period and the notion of returning to a particular kind of past. It was during the post-renaissance writers began to experiment with the conventions of literature and started to form this new literary genre. In the 18th-century there was a clear division between being male and female, men dominantly ruled society especially in certain aspects such as religion and law. Women lived in patriarchal societies and were forced to accept the misogynistic ideologies that played throughout. The patriarchal dominance thus resulted women to express themselves through literature, however, their voices were still restricted. This essay intends to discuss to what extent men are aggressors…show more content…
He is born a nameless outcast in society as Victor refers to him as a ‘demonical corpse to which I had so miserably given life.' (P. 40.) The monster's lack of name conveys how abysmal his oppression is when he is given no identity to assert with; through the novel, he is referred to as ‘creature' and ‘devil.' Shelly's use of pathetic fallacy becomes an important aspect of the novel as she sets the confrontation of Victor and the monster, ‘the rain poured down in torrents.' (P. 74.) When monster finally confronts Victor by pleading ‘I am thy creature: I ought to be thy Adam, but I am rather the fallen angel, whom thou drivest from joy for no misdeed.'(P. 77.) The monster begs for his own creator to speak to him ‘every where I see bliss, from which alone I am irrevocably excluded.' (P. 77/78) He shares his feelings about being an exile in society and how he is treated differently to Humans. Conversely, the monster still lacks humanity which leads him to become as Victor does not give him the love he aspires. His oppression from society causes him to embrace his monstrosity as Nicolas Michaud discusses ‘Shelley presents the Creature as a sympathetic character,' (Nicolas, 2013, P.234) however ‘this is not to imply that the creature is innocent.' (Nicolas, 2013, P.234) Although the creature is left to survive on his own, his revenge upon the human race takes away his victimisation and replaces it with

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