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Although parsley is a herb and not a vegetable, it come from the same family as carrot, celery, dills, fennel. There also are two different types of parsley, the flat leaf know as Italian parsley, and the curly leaf parsley. This herb is pack with nutritional benefits, including carotenoids, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients and flavonoids, sure as lutein, apiole, zeaxanthin, apigenin, and rutin. Not to mention being rich in vitamin A, B, C and K, folate, iron and chlorophyll. Finally parsley is high in mineral including calcium, manganese, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, zinc and vanadium. Vision: Parsley is high in Vitamin A, which is a healing vitamin for eye health. Drink parsley juice or add parsley as…show more content…
Parsley juice purifying and cleansing ability makes it a great herb to clear up the toxic in your body, if the condition is not yet too far advanced. Kidney, Urinary Tract, and Bladder: Myristicin and apiole are two compounds found in parsley that help detoxify the toxins from the body through urination, and at the same time increase urine flow that removes infection-causing bacteria from the urinary tract. Plus the diuretic effect helps prevent kidney stones and various urinary tract problems. Free-Radicals Killer: Free-radicals are cancer-causing compounds that attack your cells causing numerous damages. Parsley help reduce the free radical damage done to body cells by neutralize them. Prevent Cancer: Parsley is high in anti-oxidants like phthalides, monoterpenes and polyacetylenes, which help to neutralize carcinogens, a cancer-causing agents. People who are anemic: Parsley is high in chlorophyll, which is an excellent blood purifier and builder. Also the iron and vitamin C in parsley makes the iron absorb more effective in the body. Finally drinking parsley juice regularly help bring up the hemoglobin…show more content…
Especially good at protecting your blood vessels and reducing the risk of you having a heart attack, which it does by converting potentially dangerous homocysteine into harmless molecules. Parsley help fight Atherosclerosis (ASVD), which is the hardening of the arteries and is the leading cause of heart attack, peripheral vascular disease and stroke in individual Immune System: The high level of vitamin C in parsley make it an excellent immunity booster. Wound: Histidine is the essential amino acid necessary for growth and repair of tissues, and it can be found parsley. This make parsley great for people healing from a wound or after a surgery. Menstruation: Apiole oil in parsley, a part of female sex hormones estrogen, making it a perfect in regulating monthly periods. Note: It is great if you are able to just juice parsley and drink it like that, but parsley juice can be a bit strong for some individuals, so here is a juice recipe that include parsley and hopefully tune down the parsley taste for. But also remember you are juicing to better your health, and sometime what you have to drink or eat for your health might not taste all that great, but you not doing this to satisfy your taste buds, you are doing this for the health

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