A Short Story Of King James: The 25th Emperor Of Lunar

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t was a cold breezy day. The sun hid behind the curtain of clouds in the sky. A lone boy stood amongst the shadows watching as cars drived past the street. The boy's name was James. James was a shy but intelligent boy. James hated the world as it was, and planned to destroy it and build a new world. He despised the Nation of Luna in which he lived. He hated the discrimination people of other races felt. There was no equality in this world as there once had been. All hopes of equality are gone because of the ruthless emperor, Charles. Charles is the 25th emperor of Luna, and the most ruthless emperor Luna has ever seen. Everyone that stands in the way of his plans are slaughtered. The mother of James was one of these people, and was killed by the Lunar Secret…show more content…
These reasons alone have made James despise Luna. Playing chess serves like practice for James. Chess to James is like controling a battlefield. No one has ever been able to beat James at chess. He things that chess is the key to defeating Luna. He has been planning on how to start. Starting an army has been the hardest part for him. Standing outside and watching cars go by seems to help him concentrate. Sensing someone he turns around and sees his friend Morgan walking towards him. Morgan's head is drooping and his long black hair is covering the front of his head. "Whats wrong?" says James. Morgan doesn't respond. James then realizes that Morgan's shirt is cover with blood stains. James runs over to him and helps Morgan into his house. No one is home so James decided to tend to Morgan himself. After bandaging Morgan, James sits back and asks what happened. " The Space Needle. It wa s destroyed by terrorists. I happened to be walking by while it happened. I heard a big boom but I didn't know what happened until I looked up and saw the top half fall towards the other side. I then heard gunshots and felt a pain in my chest and noticed I had been shot." Morgan explained. James felt

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