Paper Towns Movie Vs Book Analysis

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“That’s always seemed so ridiculous to me, that people would want to be around someone because they’re pretty. It’s like picking your breakfast cereals based on color instead of taste” (Green 37). That is just one gem of a quote from the young adult novel Paper Towns by John Green. It’s too bad that it didn’t make it into the movie adaptation. In fact, lots of things didn’t quite make it to the big screen. Movie adaptation time can be scary for any lover of books, but throughout the adapting process of Paper Towns, the fans were promised repeatedly by author John Green that the movie exceeded expectations. Author Walter Kirn said, “Here's how adaptation works - almost everything in the movie is in the book in some form. But it's as though the…show more content…
The most upsetting lack of development happened between Ben and Lacey. In the book, they were almost better than Quentin and Margo. When they first meet, Lacey agrees to go to prom with Ben, who is desperate for a senior prom date. Lacey has just broken up with her boyfriend because he didn’t tell her about Jase cheating on Margo. So she agrees to go with Ben, who loves to talk prom with her for hours. Originally, Ben just likes her because she’s hot, as does everyone else. But it was so perfect to watch their relationship develop as Ben realizes that he really does like her, not just for her being pretty and a prom date, but he starts to like her for who she is. They have lots of moments where it can be seen that they truly have real feelings for each other. This was lost in the movie. They have a couple cute scenes, but from the movie watcher’s perspective, they just have a clichèd, shallow, brief romance. One of the scenes from the book that illustrates this is on the road trip when they are playing metaphorical “I Spy.” Ben says he spies something that he really likes, and they make a barrage of guesses. He finally tells them, “Lacey.” They go off on him, because this is supposed to be metaphorical I Spy, and he counters back by saying although he likes the physical Lacey, he was talking about Lacey on the inside. It wasn’t just romantic relationships that they struggled…show more content…
In the book, there are more clues that she leave for them. They end up searching abandoned subdivisions thinking that she killed herself and they are looking for her body. There’s not even speculation in the movie of Margo killing herself. They cut the time spent searching for her in half. Another important thing that was messed up in the movie was how graduation, prom, and the end of the book happened. Let me explain why these things all get put in the same category. In the book, right before graduation, the boys saw an Omnictionary post with Margo’s random capitalization. It read that Agloe, New York’s population would be one until a certain time the next day. So the boys and Lacey jump in the car still in their graduation robes, cut graduation, and head straight to Agloe. Prom has already happened at this point, and Quentin skipped it to spend the night in the abandoned trailer pining for Margo. They get there and find Margo right where they thought they would. She gets into a fight with Quentin, then they talk, bury her journal, and kiss with their eyes open. In the movie, it’s not quite graduation yet. Quentin, Ben, Radar, Lacey, and now Angela, too, hop in the car to go to Agloe. They are racing to get back so they won’t miss prom. They end up leaving Quentin there when they don’t find Margo, and he runs into her the next day. They talk, they kiss, he decides to leave her behind, and he

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