How Does Frailty Affects Life Of The Elderly

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The elderly population is rapidly increasing in all developed counties, the statistics of 2013, shows that in United Kingdom (UK), elderly population is about 12% (Greenspan, 2015). From decades aging is considered as main risk factor for several diseases. Human aging is a process characterized by progressive loss of physical and cognitive abilities leading to diseases and clinical conditions. Lawrence et al.(2009), reported that between 10 and 25 per cent of the elderly population have some clinical conditions, which may put those individuals in feature fragility. On the other hand, (Bilotta, et al., 2010), states that Frailty is clinically apparent to geriatricians especially in its end stages. Frailty has significantly affects life of elderly people.…show more content…
Most authors agree that frailty is a condition associated with aging, characterized by decreased physiologic reserve or what has been called a state of homeoestenosis (Liou , 2008). This state would lead individual at increased risk of disability, loss of strength and increased vulnerability to adverse events manifested by increased morbidity and mortality. Others translate it as a reduced ability of the body to cope with stress. This is considered as one of the important concern for health providers, using biopsychosocial model in the following paragraphs we are going to evaluate how life of elderly is affect due to frailty so that interventions could be made accordingly to improve quality of life of elderly (Lu,

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