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Imagine having the power to relinquish all of the evil in the world without knowing it. Say a man gave you a box, the contents within unknown to anyone but the gift giver. They key was in your grasp but you were told you couldn't because the box was dangerous and the contents within could be a trick. Would the curiousity get to you? Well, it got to a girl named Pandora in the Greek Myth "Pandora's Box." This particular myth started off when Zeus, the Greek God, wanted a daughter. He then instructed a man named Hephaestus to mold him a daughter made out of clay, which was then named Pandora. Pandora was then sent down to earth to marry a man named Epimetheus. Pandora then recieved a box from her father with a heavy key. That key was given to Pandora's husband, Epimetheus. The both of them made a promise that they would not open the box.However, Pandora's curiousity about the contents within the box got the best of her. Despite the fact that her husband told her that she shouldn't open the box because her father was known for playing tricks, she decided she was going to open it.…show more content…
Without knowing, when Pandora opened the box, all of the sickness, diseases, and evil flew out into the world. Realizing what she had done, Pandora tried to shut it but it was too late and the evil began flooding through the world. Pandora bursted into tears awakening Epimetheus. When Pandora explained what happened, she showed Epimetheus the box. While looking at the box, a tiny bug flew out of the box. The bug then said, "I am named Hope." It then flew out into the world full of evil, sickness crime, and now

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