Philip Ransford's Big Or Small, Lies Are Lies

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Big or Small, Lies are Lies By Saskia Gonzalez Has one of your parents ever lied to you? Chances are, that if they have, it probably didn’t result with with you hating candy, hating a candy factory and hating somebody that you thought was finally someone that you could call your friend. Even slimmer chance is that your name is Philip Ransford the Third. If all of these things are true about you, than you are just like one of the four main characters in a book, The Candymakers, by Wendy Mass. Philip Ransford the Third has hated the Life is Sweet candy factory ever since he got “kicked”kicked out of it. And he especially hates Logan Sweet, someone that he thought was his friend, but just stood by, while the Ccandymaker kicked Philip out of…show more content…
It causes family distrust and hate. For example, on pg 299. “The shock Philip felt at Henry’s words was nothing compared with the fury that now entered his veins. It overpowered even the guilt.” We all know that guilt is a very overpowering emotion, and shock is too. Imagine being so angry that the anger is overpowering both of those emotions. That would be pretty strong anger, it could be described as hate. Also, on pg 300-301, “A jumble of words tried to make their way out of Philips mouth. Why lie about the banning?” Philip is upset with his father. Philip is feeling betrayed by his father. Philip's dad lied about the banning, and didn’t confess to it, he’s acting as though he doesn’t care about Philips life, which is a pretty bad thing for a dad to do. “‘... if I can pull it off, will you agree to drop your plans to take over the the factory?’” pg 301. Philip seems to care more about the factory than his father’s company, which in a way is a way to show his resentment at his father, even if that is not the only reason. He cares more about a candy factory then his father’s…show more content…
Philip was scarred from the experience of being “banned” from Life is Sweet , ending with him not liking candy at all. “He had to admit it looked delicious. But he knew it [the chocolate pizza] would taste like cardboard” pg 277. Even though Philip senses tell him otherwise, Philip knows that the chocolate pizza will taste bad. Imagine having a plate of freshly made chocolate chip cookies with ooey gooey chocolate chips that look absolutely delicious, but knowing that they will taste terrible. Horrible, right? Imagine going through this almost every day. That could ruin someone’s childhood as it did to part of Philip’s childhood. There is one more example. “If he tried to eat it, [the taffy] he’d throw up.” pg 270. Philip once again isn’t able to eat candy, because he got kicked out of the candy factory. Philip's dad was wrong to have lied to Philip. Why? You shouldn’t lie to your children, he created unnecessary tension and hate towards Logan, and lying to Philip stopped him from liking candy, and (in my opinion) candy is a big part of some people’s childhood and growing up. All in all, Philip's dad was wrong to have lied to Philip. His choice may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but the end result was

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