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It was the summer of 2008 in Fort Lewis, Washington and the training cycle was in progress. Deployment was a year away and everyone trained around the clock to prepare. As a Specialist, I was now assigned as a gunner for the senior scout which I took pride in. It was shortly after I was assigned as a gunner when a new staff sergeant joined the platoon and took the role of a senior scout who I’ll refer throughout this story as M. I was looking forward to impress him and showing my talent and skills as a gunner which I have worked hard to build. Shortly after he arrived, the Troop was preparing to conduct a PT test and we were all curious to see how M would do because he wasn’t as fit as the other NCO’s. During the PT test, he was one of the scorers and I thought maybe he’ll just take it another time. As we returned to work at 0900 I was told to make copies of the PT score cards and while I was doing it, I saw a PT card that belonged to M that had a score higher than most of us which I found interesting. This would go on every PT test and I always wondered why no one said…show more content…
I told the driver that he didn’t have to do it but when he did, we would both get “smoked” for what he called a corrective action for having a bad attitude. Never once did we enjoy field training and never did we ever laugh and joke on the truck. Me and the driver dreaded going to the field. It became a routine for the driver to get him chow, filling up his camel back and sometimes packing away his sleep system. I was constantly getting “smoked” because I refused to do any of it and he regarded me as having a bad attitude. One other thing I could not stand is when he was dipping, he would spit on the floor of the Stryker and whenever I told him not to he made it clear it was his truck, not mine. Life in the field was not pleasant at all for me and the

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