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In the novel “Tom Brennan” (italicize title) , the main character, Tom faces many challenges due to his brother’s recklessness. Daniel went to jail for killing two people and putting his cousin Fin in hospital with irreversible spinal injuries. ( Instead of announce this, give a overview of the plot. It is a story of one families struggles to overcome…) However, it is through sport, friendship and family that Tom is able to persevere and emerge from the darkness that has held him captive since the accident. J C Burke positions readers to view Tom ( view him as what?) by considering and challenging their own perceptions of coping in wake of the car accident and its ramifications. BP 1 In the The Story Of Tom Brennan by J.C. Burke, Tom’s love of sport helps him find himself and re-discover who he really is as his journey is about what can he make of his life now away from…show more content…
The family moves but this in itself brings a new set of circumstances and it seems that Tom through the help and close association he builds with his uncle Brendon begins a journey of rediscovering that it is important for families to talk and begin to understand and come to terms with ‘life after the accident and Daniel’s imprisonment’. Tom recognizes that Daniel, although in prison has understood the need to think of what lies ahead and a possible future. Tom’s visit with Finn is an important step in his healing process. His uncle Brendan sheds tears over photos of Daniel and it is this sight that brings about a closeness between Tom and his uncle. – They talk, they run together and they plan the possibility of a climbing trip. This for Tom is a ticket out and away from the past. Even his Grandmother’s efforts, at long last, leads Tom to realise that her actions are for his future. ‘Gran looked at me with mist in her eyes, then winked’ (p.

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