Om Sokdae As Portrayed In Our Twisted Hero

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In the novel Our Twisted Hero by Yi Munyol, the twisted hero is Om Sokdae. He makes the classroom appear to run smoothly, while hogging all the perks for himself. Under Sokdae’s “rule” the classroom exceeds standards, and presents a mask of perfection. As Han says, “Our class under Sokdae was a model for the whole school..With him as captain, our team won every contest with other classes.” (Munyol, 27) Sokdae was also not put in school as early as most kids, so he was several years older than the other kids in his grade. Sokdae was at an advanced level for someone his age, let alone his grade. In addition to his ability to work out fights among others, Sokdae’s age meant that he could easily defeat anyone who picked a fight with him or any students in his classroom.…show more content…
For this reason, the classroom portrayed in Our Twisted Hero is comparable to the dictatorship of North Korea. Kim Jong Un, who has been in power since March 9, 2014, has complete and utter control of North Korea. He represses those who defy him and rewards those who support him. Sokdae does this as well. In the beginning of the novel, Han opposes Sokdae, and as a result is ostracized from the class. “When there was a bullfight scheduled for the stadium, when the Culture Center was showing a free movie on the bank of the river--this sort of information. I was always left out.” (Munyol,

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