Oedipus And Antigone Comparison

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Tragic Hero: “The tragic flaw is in the loss of the hero’s sense of perspective. Caught in a web of circumstances/ fails to keep his balance on a high place, and slips to his downfall.” The embodiment of a tragic hero is when a character that makes an error judgment in a situation can end up leading to their own demise. Throughout the years, history has introduced us to the realm of the tales of tragic heroes. Tales like Oedipus, Hamlet, Othello and Antigone all possessed the elements of tragedy that brought about their own ending. Although each classic tale has their differences each one manages to maintain the same similarities that can depict the unexpected tragedy that would soon unfold. In the tale of Antigone, Antigone is the daughter of another tragic tale named Oedipus. Oedipus the story of a young man who…show more content…
It is after fair warning from the blind prophet Tiresias that prophesized disaster for Creon if he didn’t change his mind about Antigone. Soon after Creon contemplates his reasoning and changes his mind, he soon buries Polyneices’ body to appease the gods and then free Antigone. However, by the time Antigone is reached she is found hanged where Haemon soon realizes living is not the same without his beloved, shortly after Haemon tries to kill his father but misses and turns the blade on to himself and dies. Creon is faced with the death of not only Antigone but of his son as well, only to bare witness to even more tragedy when Creon’s wife; Eurydice kills herself as soon as she finds out about her son’s untimely demise but before her suicide Eurydice blames her husband, Creon for this outcome. Thus Eurydice kills herself leaving Creon with his grief and sorrow to forever carry the weight of guilt and tragedy that he brought upon everyone for letting his own selfish ideals cloud his judgment as a

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