Essay Comparing The Qing Dynasty And Mexico

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In China and Mexico the goals and outcomes of the revolutionary process were different in that, Mexico ousted a single person Porfirio Diaz while in China the Qing dynasty was overthrown. The outcomes were similar in that new rulers took power after the demise of Diaz and the Qing dynasty such as Alvaro Obregon for Mexico and Yuan Shikai for China. The outcomes were different that both Obregon and Shikai were elected president, but Shikai soon resigned due to the invasion of the Japanese. Porfirio Diaz’s regime had power since 1876 and seemed unstoppable. During his rule many extreme exchanges in economy had been made. As a result small rebellions were being formed in the north. Some of the most famous revolutionists were Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata. Soon Diaz lost his rule as a dictator and Obregon emerged as the leader and soon to be president of Mexico. In China the peasants were a big factor in the QIng dynasty’s fall, as they organized the Boxer Rebellion, which was opposed against Western influence which soon led to the Qing Dynasty’s fall. Mexico’s revolution and overthrow of Diaz was abrupt and sudden as compared to the Qing dynasties fall which was gradual and had a few famous rebellions.;…show more content…
As he had defeated Pancho Villa’s forces in 1915. In China Yuan Shikai had high hopes of seizing the Manchu throne and to create a new Dynasty. His rule was cut short as the Japanese invasion forced him to resign in 1916. Obregon took the chance in Mexico to become president right after Diaz was overthrown by defeating any potential threats such as Pancho Villa’s cavalry, while Yuan Shikai had no potential obstacles stopping him from become president except the Japanese invasion which forced him to

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