Plato's Oppression Of Women In Ancient Greece

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Plato’s attitude to the regimen of women has to be understood in the context, of the moral and social political environment by which he was embedded in. It can be said, that the ancient Greeks held a rather low opinion of many woman. During the Greek era, women were isolated and secluded within the household, and the perceived purpose of women within Athens was to produce more citizens. The singular idea that a woman would even act to try an effect political or social change would be absurd to an ancient Greek audience. As a matter of fact, women in the city of Athens in the sixth century were thought of as a source of dangerous friction among men. To solve the solution to this problem, Athenian lawmaker Solon institutionalized the divergence…show more content…
For example Arlene W. Saxonhouse argues women are desexed in the Republic, and when Plato actually discusses women being in the guardian class, he gives them manly characteristics. As it states in the Republic “Then the women among the Guardians must strip for exercise, since they will clothe themselves with virtue instead of garments, and take common part in war and other duties of Guardians concerning the city and perform no others”. In Platos view, Women would no longer be viewed as objects of sexual desire, but would be isolated to be views as bother men who are not desirable. Thus, we can see Plato is obviously changing the permanent temperament of women in order from to be amongst the guardian class. The inconsistency is transparent,Plato makes negative comments about women, but then puts women in the guardian…show more content…
Freedom between women and men turns up to be one of the most grievous corruptions of the democratic state. Plato goes into to detail about, autonomy between men and women. As stated by Julie Annas, “ whats wrong with the democratic state in Plato’s view unequals are treated equally”. If unequals are treated equally, the state may form into a totally chaotic system. And the only possible presumption is that any actual state where men and women are on terms of equality has absolutely corrupted the natural

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