Organizational Structure In The Thousand And One Nights

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“The Thousand and One Nights” is one of the mostly read Arabic and Islamic works. Some texts in the work can be traced to the 9th century. By 12th century the many manuscripts of the “thousand and one nights” could be found in Egypt, Syria and, Iraq. The earlier manuscripts, however, were incomplete leading to the belief that the works were meant to denote large stories rather than formal or organizational piece of work. The modern analysis model have however, contradicted the fact that the book did not have any organizational structure. There have been contradictions as to the originality of the work, genealogy and development. There is the belief that that the Persian collection of tales “Thousand tales” is the source of “The Thousand and One Nights” others attributes the source test is an Indian narrative. This paper aims to discuss repetition as a structure in the Arabian nights (Husain, 406).…show more content…
They are repetitive designation, leitwortstil, thematic patterning and formal patterning, and dramatic visualization. Repetitive designation refers to an object or character that appears insignificant in the first instance but suddenly reappears to intrude on the narrative (Tornowska and Carole, 120). Leitworstil (or leading word) is a word borrowed from biblical studies and is used to refer to a word or words that appear insignificantly appear in texts and one is able to understand them through their repetition. Thematic patterning and formal patterning are available so as to guide the reader towards picking the important aspects of the narratives. Dramatic visualizations are detailed representation of an object or a being so as to create a visual or imaginative scene to the audience (Ferial,

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