Operating Room Briefing: A Case Study

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Overview The implementation of operating room briefings in the recent years have been highly considered a practice that has gained significant recognition within the medical community. Its relevance is to initiate operating room teamwork, communication in optimizing workflow, preventing errors, improving safety climate, and achieving good patient outcomes has received significant attention (Wick, 2014). In the operating room setting there are a number of professionals working as a team to fulfill a surgical task in order to facilitate a way of treatment for their patients. These personnel include surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, and surgical technicians. A solid foundation of communication within the team is a critical part in carrying out the task at hand in order to avoid mistakes before,…show more content…
It has been revealed in some hospitals where the briefings are now being implemented that nurses expressed that before the briefings had been enacted into practice at their facility they felt as if though they did not have any say in anything within team members. Feeling as though they were subject to insubordination and that their word had no significance to other members of the team as far as expectations and presumptions of the surgical procedures go. So the purpose of practicing operating room pre and post operation briefings is to initiate freedom of communication where all members of the surgical team can be empowered to express their professional thoughts in dealing with procedure and where all members have a say and are noted. Operating room pre and post operation briefings are now being implemented in some healthcare facilities in the United States in order to avoid a breakdown in communication amongst the surgical team that would result in failures. Wick, E. (2014)

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