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A warm month in October of 1939, a war broke out in Poland when Germany invaded them. During the horrifying time, an event called the holocaust started. While the holocaust was active a place to throw Jews was made, called ghettos. Ghettos where terrible places to live and also be part of. Hitler used these places to try to get ride of the Jews. The ghettos were established in 1939. The very first ghetto was opened on a chilly day of fall in October of that same year. The ghettos varied different places. Some where in Poland, while others in Europe. The reason they opened up these horrible places, were to separate the Jewish from the non-Jewish. They did this because they believed the Jewish were bad people (Ghettos). Another reason they opened them was to start the process of killing them off. They also did this to get free labor from them (Ghettos). The Nazi’s also used the ghettos as a way to rule them. They had ghettos also to dehumanize,…show more content…
The open ghettos usually would have nothing locking the people in, but they did have limits on entering and leaving the ghettos. The open ghettos didn’t have fences or anything around them. The groups of closed ghettos were closed or sealed in with barbed wire fences, regular fences, and sometimes even by cement walls. The closed ghettos were usually packed tight. The biggest percent of ghettos were the destruction ones. They had these opened from just a few weeks. They lasted sometimes up to six weeks but not much longer than that. The reason they made the destruction ghettos was because the Nazis were on their way to come and kill the Jews off. When the Nazis came up to the ghettos, they would kill everyone (types of ghettos). Before the end of the final days of the ghettos, they were all completely sealed up and no one got to leave. The only ones who got to come in where brought in by guards (berenbaum

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