Keith Wilson's Poem 'Dusk In My Backyard'

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Greg Sgambati Scott Inguito English 1B 10 March 2013 The Warmth of Shared Moments Poems that describe specific moments are commonplace in poetry and can function by describing the emotions and the ephemeral sensations of the speaker at that specific point in time. A more complex and perhaps even more effective method of sharing the significance of a moment is to describe very intricate details and specifics of that moment to evoke in the reader the emotions and sensations the speaker experienced in this instance. This method is employed by poet Keith Wilson in his poem “Dusk in My Backyard.” Wilson emphasizes the feelings of relaxation, serenity, and happiness at this particular moment and implies the importance of cherishing these types…show more content…
Additionally, the location of San Miguel, N.M. lets the reader know that heat most likely permeates the air well into the evening and just begins to cool around dusk, creating a warm, lazy tone. As the poem progresses, night overtakes the dusk, but the warm tone remains. As the night darkness begins to cover the speaker’s house, “inside a candle is lighted; by one of [his] daughters.” (Wilson, 3-4), continuing this feeling of warmth. The warmth is found in his home and specifically with is daughter, revealing the speaker’s sense of peace comes from his family. Wilson does not lay out explicitly what is happening in this backyard, but he gives information about the details that seem to have left a lasting impression. All that can be deduced is that the speaker’s family (one of his daughters at least) was inside while he was without admiring the shades of night enveloping his house. This does seem to indicate a relaxed evening enjoyed with the family, perhaps as the speaker steps back to appreciate the peace of this moment. After examining the full scope of the situation, the speaker moves on to the details of what he finds fulfilling in this instant. He describes his daughter in further

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