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The expression nuclear family is generally interpreted as parents and children living together; however many television shows are beginning to dismantle the stigma of diverse family forms such as “Modern family”. ABC’s episodic mockumentary, Modern family, displays a set of distinct families including same sex couples, blended families and the typical nuclear family. The Pritchett- Dunphy- Tucker group is a substantially large blended family accompanied by Jay Pritchett, who is the head. Jay is a wealthy divorced man, and is now married to Gloria Delgado, with whom he has a 12-year old son named Manny. Next, Claire, Jay’s daughter, is married to Phil who have three children named Alex, Haley and Luke Dunphy. Claire’s biological brother, Mitchell,…show more content…
Everyday issues are presented to make the show more relatable to the viewers as well as to lead the correct way in television entertainment. For instance, in one episode, Mitchell reveals that his family does not support him being gay, particularly his father and when he find outs that Mitchell and Cameron have adopted a new child, he will be even more upset (Lloyd & Levitan,Winer,2009). Many people experience the exact same situation as Mitchell, and by directing attention to these problematic issues allow people to be more accepting of it. In addition, by portraying same sex couples on television shows, it has induced the public to feel more comfortable, as well as introducing it to be a norm for today’s society. Next, another challenge that can be perceived while watching Modern Family is parents having disagreements with one another. The origin of these disputes can be formed from various issues, ranging from financial concerns, disciplining their children, and even sex. For instance, in one episode of Modern Family, Jay and Gloria have an altercation over Manny’s decision to wear a traditional Colombian poncho on his first day of school (Walsh & Corrigan,Winer,2009).Having arguments is common amongst couples and by showing couples arguing on various television shows ,the audience to realize that it is…show more content…
Phil’s role is to financially provide for the family, as well as give moral support to Claire. The explicit examples of the various gender roles can be seen in the Pritchett family. Jay’s job is to be the financial sustainer and provides moral support for Gloria. On the other hand, Gloria is the traditional stay at home mom who takes part in domestic tasks and take care of their child Manny. Similar behavior can be observed in Canadian families, where different roles are assigned for various genders. Typically, the men of the household go out and provide for the family and the mother is responsible for the wellbeing of the home and

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