Summary Of The Movie 'Clearwater Marine Aquarium'

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QUESTION 1 From my perspective, I think that leadership is a quality that ones has that makes them the ones that will be referred to in making any decision and action. Ones that has leadership receive trust from others to direct them in any situation as they can inspire and motivate them. QUESTION 2 1) Good thinking skill This leadership trait of good thinking skill is shown when Carter make a decision to cancel all the team’s activities so that they can focus more to excel in theirs academics. 2) Inspire people Coach Carter tends to make many efforts in order for the basketball team to lead them until they go to the state championship undefeated by other teams. 3) Teamwork As a leader, we should have teamwork among our friends or so on. In this movie, Carter try to teach his player that teamwork is important if…show more content…
In this CMA, there is some crew is assigned to handle a few animals such as Sawyer which is his work mostly to handle Winter, a dolphin that has prosthetic tail. Besides dolphin, there is also another animal at CMA such as a giant yellow sea turtle and so on. There is many plot occurs in this movie especially when it involves with Winter. There is some people and actions I this movie has brings up a good leadership traits. In this case, I just point out three person which is Dr.Clay, Sawyer and Smith. Sawyer, is a young boy who trains the volunteers staff but, elders put trust on him and follow his instructions clearly. From this, Sawyer has shown a good leaderships by having the power to influence the thoughts and actions of other people. So, lesson that can be gain from this movie is when you have leadership skills in yourself, age does not matter. There is also good leadership potrays by Smith in this movie whereby he try to help people understand some kind of situations that happens in

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