Analysis Of Be A Gamer, Save The World By Jane Mcgonigal

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Be a Gamer, Save the World by Jane McGonigal Summary and Response The average ‘extreme” gamer in the United States plays an average of forty-five hours a week, which is equivalent to a full time job! Most American adults work a nine to five o’clock shift Monday through Friday, and to put that into perspective an extreme gamer spends many hours in front of a screen. While many people say nothing good comes from children playing video games, Jane McGonigal thinks otherwise. In her article, Be a Gamer, Save the World, she explains that video games can help kids apply their success from their video games to the real world. Throughout her article she explains the positivity of video games. According to McGonigal, playing video games can benefit children by, making themselves feel accomplished, and help use their video game skills in the real world.…show more content…
According to McGonigal, “In today’s society, video games consistently fulfill genuine human needs that the real world fails to satisfy”(465). More than that, they may prove to be a key resource for solving some sort of our most pressing real-world problems.”(465). Video games can help children create strong social bonds with friends and family. A study was conducted to show the outcome if video games created social bonds and its outcome was that children will like and trust others more after they play a game, even if they are beat. In addition,children also can create a feeling of satisfaction when they have completed a tough and challenging game and learn to apply that to the real-world. They can turn what skills they used on their video games into skills they can use in the real-world to become successful and do great things for

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