One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Essay

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The Fishing Scene in One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest Billy Bibbit as many others, is voluntarily at the clinic and, moreover, it is his free will to take treatment. And, no wonder that Randle McMurphy is terrified by that fact, hence after some “riots” he is there forcibly, and is totally amazed by patient’s inaction when they did not support the idea of watching a baseball game. Randle is the fellow, who was transferred to our hospital from prison. All the patients sense the antagonism between him and the Nurse Ratched. That’s the reason why the McMurphy’s indwelling in asylum turns very soon into a prison and from the very first time he treats all the patients with a certain contempt, but then becomes their best friend and has a fully capasity to affect their behavior.…show more content…
The other characters seem different from Billy’s point of view, especially McMurphy. Billy has his own traits, which peculiarly affect the perception of the scene described. As far as he remembers he always felt himself attached to his mother, who maintains tightly relationship with Nurse Ratched. He is also used to being dominated by his mom and has a tremendous dread of outside world. And this is an incomplete list of his fears. He is shy, has a bad stutter, and because of his virginity he retains until he is thirty-one years old and is almost the same age as McMurphy. As long as the Big Nurse has a special power over him and, firstly, he closely monitors the entire group, makes the remarks and writes his observations into Ratched’s book. He fears the Nurse, while she is geared towards punishing and demoralizing law breakers. It’s weird, but with this entire “luggage” he wants to please everybody and along to remain on his own. Consequently the two opposing forces, like angel and demon, are fighting in his adolescent
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