On What's Eating Gilbert Grape Film Analysis

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Jeremy L. Cross Dr. Ashley Oliphant ENGL 101-500 19 September 2014 The New Angle On What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? Just Released One of the most dramatic movie shot by Lasse Hallstrom is What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? (1993), tells us a story of a small town of Endora, Iowa, an area where nothing much transpires it is according to Gilbert “a bit like dancing without music.” This little dying town is where Gilbert Grape (Johnny Depp) lives together with his family. Gilbert Grape's mother, Bonnie (Darlene Cates), who was once the town's sweetheart has not stopped eating since her husband committed suicide within the family's basement, and therefore the floor beneath her television chair is threatening to fall down. His elder sister, Amy (Laura Harrington) tries to satisfy the entire family and look after her younger sister, Ellen. Ellen Grape (Mary Kate Schellhardt) is addicted to makeup and men, fights mercilessly with Gilbert. There is an occurrence on the horizon for all…show more content…
house, I want a new house, for the family. I want momma to take aerobics classes, I want Ellen to grow up, and I want a new brain for Arnie.” Although the answer was very straightforward, we tend to be touched because of what Gilbert wants are all for his family rather than for himself. At the end of the movie, after Arnie's birthday party, that is what she has always been looked forward to, the mother dies as she leaves her television chair to have a real sheep in her bed. All of her children reached upon an agreement without too many words: “they are going to burn the house down, where momma dies.” They will not allow people to mock at their whale-like, yet dear momma after her death. Everyone works silently and swiftly to take out the furniture. Once Gilbert sets the house ablaze, the children stand outside of the house, surrounded by the old furniture, holding each

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