Hooks And Feelers, Soul Surfer And The Movie Boy

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“But no matter how much planning you do, one tiny miscalculation, one moment of distraction, can end it all in an instant.” I think this quote by Jeannette Walls is the best way to explain how life can change in an instant. The texts Hooks and Feelers, Big Brother Little Sister, Soul Surfer and the movie Boy all display the same theme, reactions to life changing events. I have chosen to relate all my books to this theme because I believe that it is very important in everyone’s life. In all four texts I have read and watched all of the main characters display what they are feeling and react differently to what is happening. I think this is because they all have individual personalities and they all come from various backgrounds so they believe…show more content…
This was identified by the director Taika Waititi through the main character Boy. Boy’s whole life has been based around his family leaving him by himself to fend for himself and his fellow cousins and younger brother. Boy always made up unrealistic stories about why his father was never there, like that his father was overseas fighting in the war. “You're a liar, your dad's not overseas, he’s in jail for robbery”. Some examples of the theme reactions to life changing events that were shown in Boy were his excitement when his dad arrived home from escaping jail. At first he was a bit shy and curious around his dad, but as they came more familiar with each other boy was very overwhelmed to have his dad back. The way the theme reactions to life changing events is shown in Boy is similar to how it is shown in Big Brother, Little Sister, Soul Surfer and Hooks and Feelers because all the characters are at a young age in their life and already their life is constantly changing for better or for worse. Through thinking this I have come to understand that in a matter of seconds your life can change instantly either for the better or for the worse. The difference between the theme of reactions to life changing events in Boy and the way it’s seen in the three other stories is that Boy is happy about his dad returning after many years away, while in the other three stories everyone is upset or angry about their life changing event that has occurred in their life. I could also see the theme of family relationships in the movie Boy. An example of this was throughout the whole movie. From the very beginning I could tell that Boys relationships with is family was quite distant. After his mum died his dad left him and his younger brother rocky with their nana and cousins. This shows me that because of their mum’s

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