John Grime's Go Tell It On The Mountain

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The people who are supposed to care and support you, love you unconditionally, and help make the hard times easier are what we think of when the word “family” comes to mind. But, just imagine when a family causes the most stress, pain, and heartache. In both Go Tell It on the Mountain, by James Baldwin, and Goodbye, Columbus, by Philip Roth, the protagonists both have distinct past family histories that incontestably shape their lives. John Grime’s in Go Tell It on the Mountain and Neil Klugman in Goodbye, Columbus both face difficult experiences brought on by their family’s pasts which eventually lead them to change significantly. In Go Tell It on the Mountain, John is always put on the back burner to his younger brother Roy, by his stepfather Gabriel. John’s battle with his father could be one of the biggest challenges John faces because he has to fight for approval of the only father figure in his life who also happens to be the worst father figure for John. After Roy is stabbed, John has to deal with the resentment Gabriel has for John. As the narrater remarks, “And John knew, in the moment his father’s eyes swept over him, that he had hated John because John was not lying on the…show more content…
Both John and Neil did have family experiences that changed who they were but it came down to their decision to change. They both had to realize what was best for them in the long run, whether it was leaving Brenda or becoming a priest, both John and Neil were able to conquer their obstacles and in the end come out on the other end a changed and better person. John was able to become equal to his stepfather and be able to start a new path in life that will be best fit for him, and Neil was able to let the girl that he did love because in the end it was best for him and he would be able to live a life that was better suited for

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