Off Duty Benefits

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There are many benefits for police officers that work off-duty jobs, particularly off duty security jobs. In today’s times there seems to be a need for more security that a person would not normally see in the past. This would include movie theatres, malls, shopping centers or fast food restaurants. There are many of these places that now hire police officers on their off time to work security in uniform to help preserve the peace for their business. One benefit of this would be that the business gets personal security in the form of an actual law enforcement officer for the business. This officer has the same authority off duty working for the business that he or she would have while working on duty for the agency that they work for. The presence of a uniform officer at the place of business is another benefit. This allows the customers or patrons to feel safe knowing that a police officer is on scene while they are there. Another benefit of course is for the police officers themselves. Police officers use off duty work to supplement their income. Law enforcement in today’s time gets paid a comfortable salary compared to years past. In 1995 when I first joined the police department, my salary was $22,500. By the time retirement, taxes and benefits were taken out; the remaining part of my…show more content…
Some of which was mentioned in the reading as far as corruption or fraud, but many more that were not mentioned. One of these drawbacks is police officers that work too much to make money. Police officers have been known to work, literally, 24 hours straight from their actual police jobs and their off duty jobs to make extra money. The end result is that you have a very tired law enforcement officer. This can be very dangerous when he or she is actually working the roads because of reaction time or the fact that the officer is just tired and not capable of performing to the best of their
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