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Many people claim that Lewis Carroll, the author of the books Alice adventures in wonderland, created something out of the ordinary. Something that was not socially accepted in the Victorian Era. Lewis Carroll presents a girl who defies all stereotypes for young women. Alice, a feminist hero. Well, that is not entirely true. When you read between the lines, the book is not feminist at all. One thing is for sure, Lewis Carroll did not create a work of feminism. For starters, the book leads you to believe that it's the Red Queen who has the powers in wonderland. She is the one who makes all the commands and screams to execute people. However, if you look behind all that you see that it's actually the King who holds the powers, the queen is only standing in his spotlight. The queen never actually makes any decisions, it's the king who does. Even though she screamed multiple times that people where to be executed, no one ever was.…show more content…
Sure she acts like a Victorian girl was not supposed to act. She had traits as curiosity, speaking her mind, and being brave. However, let us not forget that she also acts exactly as a Victorian girl was supposed to. She was naïve, innocent, feminine, and very polite. One can also say that she is controlled by the male powers around her. For example does Alice not hesitate when she is told by a caterpillar to eat of one side of the mushroom, without even knowing what it would do to her nor her body. So it seems like she is not that feminist hero as people claim her to be. You could also say that Lewis Carroll demonstrates in the novel that women are easily controlled by the men around

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