Grit Growth Mindsets

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Grit and Growth Mindsets Grit and growth mindsets are the secret ingredients to becoming a superstar in anything you do. People who grasp challenges because they know they’ll achieve allegedly have these mindsets. Individuals who have a grit or a growth mindset believe that their most basic quality enables them to work hard and stick to their long term passions and goals. If a person holds these mindsets, you believe that intelligence can be developed and that failure is a part of growing. The significance of grit and growth mindsets is that it helps one achieve in academics, personal life, and careers by understanding that setbacks are a way of growth. Schools are starting to see grit and growth mindsets as a key to students success because it leads to passion, perseverance, stamina and living life like it’s a marathon. Dr. Angela Lee Duckworth stated, “In the scale that we developed in research studies to measure grit, only half of the questions are about responding resiliently to situations of failure and adversity or being a hard worker. The other half of the questionnaire is about have consistent interests”. People…show more content…
According to Nigel Holmes, “You see the success of others as sources of inspiration, information opportunities to learn. Growth mindset individuals do not view success as a competitive, zero-sum game with others”. For instance, a person who set a goal to be healthier and workout everyday would most likely look for inspiration to reach that ambition. In other words, that person might buy a swimsuit and decide to wear it when they get healthier so that they’re inspired and motivated that he/she will look great in that swimsuit. Individuals with grit and growth mindsets embrace challenges because they know they’ll come out ten times better on the other

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