Cold Sassy Tree: A Comparative Analysis

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Tolerance A quote by Helen Keller reads,” The highest result of education is tolerance.” Everyone has judged someone else based on his or her personal impression of him or her. People almost always judge others before getting to know them. The theme of these books is to avoid judgments before fully understanding people and their intentions as well as accepting people for who they are. Keller’s quote exemplifies how understanding someone, or in her words, knowledge creates acceptance, or tolerance. Both of these books focus on this central theme and have many similar literary terms, but there are some differences in the way main characters react to the uneducated assumptions along with several different literary terms. Everybody has heard the…show more content…
Both books are very similar due to the overlapping theme of tolerance and accepting people for who they are after getting to know them. The theme is also similar in that making assumptions about someone before knowing him or her is wrong. In Cold Sassy Tree, the town did not tolerate Miss Love and Mr. Blakeslee’s recent marriage. People made assumptions about their relationship without knowing the details. The situation is very similar in Forrest Gump. People judge Forrest and assume he is stupid and an idiot without knowing him. This is shown in a passage from Forrest Gump (Groom 1). Forrest tells the reader that people laugh at him and lose patience, but he also tells us he is much smarter than most would think. This obviously shows people make intolerant decisions without knowing the real Forrest. In addition to the theme, both books make use of dramatic irony and diction. Dramatic irony is when the reader knows something that one of the main characters does not. Mr. Blakeslee has always wanted a son. At the end of the story, the reader knows that Ms. Love pregnant with a child. Unfortunately, he finally has the chance to have a

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