Nt1310 Unit 6 Assignment

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1. Find any source such as a book or the internet that contains data and open an excel sheet. 2. Type in the data. • Click on a cell, type one number and press enter. • Continue this process until all of the numbers are typed. • If there is a second set of data, repeat the process in a new column. • If the x-axis and y-axis are particular when plotting two sets of data, plot the set of data on the x-axis to the left of the data on the y-axis 2. Once the data is typed in, highlight all of the data. 3. Go to Insert and you will a section labeled Charts. Click on that and select the symbol that looks like a scatter plot. • When this is selected, different types of scatter plots are shown. Some scatter plots contain markers representing the data points, while others contain both markers with lines going through them. •…show more content…
You will be able to change the name of the label, which will be mentioned later in the instructions. 4. Click on the graph and a chart tools tab will show up in green added onto the menu bar. There are three different tabs within the chart tools. The tabs are named Design, Layout and Format. I will be talking about how these work as the steps continue. 5. Also, there are no titles on the graph. Graphs look very professional if there is a chart title, x-axis and y-axis title. Go to Layout and you will see labels named Chart Title and Axis Titles. Chart Title • To add a chart title, go to Chart Title and you will see different ways that the chart title can be overlaid. • Click on Above Chart. • Type in desired

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