Firefighter Career Vs Job

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Careers are an essential part of life unless you want to live a miserable minimum wage life. Years ago, many people viewed work as just a way of making money, but now they want more. A "career" is way more than just a "job". It is a way of life, a source of self-esteem or a way to approach some moral ideal of achievement. There are many different career options, but it all depends on what you're passionate about. If you go into work hating what you do then that career or job is not for you. Be very thorough when deciding on a career; the choices are vast, but you don't want to end up picking the wrong thing. Now lets look at some different career options. If you love being creative and making up stories, then a fiction writer might be the career for you. Fiction writers compose short stories, plays, and novels using imaginary characters and events. There are no formal educational requirements for fiction writers. Most writers spend many hours writing and reading other works to perfect their skill and technique. However, it's highly recommended that…show more content…
Firefighters require a lot of bravery and the passion to help in any way they can. Generally, potential firefighters only need a high school diploma before applying; however, more and more fire departments are now requiring a 2 year associates degree in fire science or fire prevention. A bachelor's degree in fire science or a related field may greatly improve an applicant's chances for a job. There's really no top college for this career, any college would suffice. The pay starts off at around $43,00 and can go as high as $100,00. Promotions such as lieutenant, captian, battalion chief can earn up to a salary of $162,000. Health benefits include lifelong medical coverage, and a generous pension. Other benefits include flexible work schedules and up to four weeks paid vacation per

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