No Name Woman

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This cautionary tale reflects upon and demonstrates betrayal in an old fashioned society. The No Name Woman illustrates the betrayal of a woman who seeks to deviate from the cultural norm. Her failing to conform sees her betrayed by society who is scared of change and made into a living ghost. The old society ways looked down upon the no name woman’s actions, her infidelity caused society to lash out upon her. In the process of her infidelity she deserted herself by betraying her family, husband, village, and herself. The village albeit overreacted to her betrayal reacted swiftly and justly to reprimand her injustices done upon the village. The No name woman betrays multiple people within the cautionary tale. The most significant person she betrays is her family. Her family is shamed to have her known as the outcast of the village and known as the town slut that bearing child out of wedlock. The family is so much disappointed and irate with her that they completely forget her and go on as if she was never a part of the family. Repressing her from memory and making her the family’s skeleton in the closet. They choose to rather keep her out of their…show more content…
In times of need family is always by each other’s side, which is the way many societies and cultures teach their families to act. Her family could have defended her instead of allowing the village to torment her. It is sad that she fell to the point where suicide was her answer. The family not only lost her but the child also, it is disgusting and appalling that the family allowed the death of a baby. Times may differ from now to 1924 but all lives are important. Her and the baby’s death could have been avoided by the backing of her family but instead there are 2 dead women to remind the family of shame that they allowed the village to place on

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