Nirbhaya Rape Case Study

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We have the best culture. In our culture there isn’t a place for a woman…..If you put the ‘girl’ who is like a gem out on the street there certainly will be taken by the dogs” “The male companion of the murdered 23-year-old was wholly responsible for the incident as the unmarried couple should not have been on the streets at night. “Until today I have not seen a single incident or example of rape with a respected lady. Even an underworld don would not like to touch a girl with respect.” -Manohar Lal Sharma, Defence Lawyer for the rapists in the Nirbhaya rape case. ( snippets from ‘India’s daughter’,a BBC documentary) “This was done to her as a lesson” - Mukesh, the driver, one the six convicted in the case after his conviction. ( snippets…show more content…
In order to conform to the ideas of supposed masculinity and femininity, the power dynamics between a man and a woman are constructed as such, where a woman internalises/is expected to internalise inferiority and a man assumes superiority. Women’s body due to women’s position in this normative ladder of social functions, is subject to objectivity and imposed with burdens of perceived modesty, honour and chastity. Her body becomes the landscape that has to accommodate contradictions- she is denied the innate human characteristic of sexual desire while being constantly sexualised and in aggravated situations, is reduced to a mere object- to be ravished; an object that a man uses to quench his lust which a woman of ‘immoral’ character arouses in

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