Dishonorably Discharged Soldiers

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As the laborers begin to arrive at the worksite, they greet their colleagues with simple, overused pleasantries to loosen the tension of failure and conformity. Day in and day out, these laborers, synchronized with the suns movements, rising early and returning late, contemplate the choices of their lives, however, none take responsibility for their own reality, blaming the government, blaming the war. As the tensions begin to fade and common curtesy runs dry, their shirts come off and silence overwhelms the room. The workers return to their knees, a position they know all too well. A position blamed to be a direct result of the governments’ lack of foreign and domestic control. These three French soldiers, unaware of their future and…show more content…
Resentment and tensions begin to fade as the bottle circulates once more. As their break comes to an end, they return to their knees, bruised and bloodied from the overuse and continued beating by the oak floors. As their work day begins to reach an end, the silence is temporarily broken by a string of crude sexual jokes intended to lighten the mood and act as a form of communion, however, the men are aware that the resentment and hate will return tomorrow. Perhaps it will be worse. Or perhaps they will finally have the tenacity to come clean. Maybe even these men will be able to come clean and collectively move on. These thoughts quickly evade their minds as they are too stubborn, too prideful to admit to their shortcomings. They will wait for another to come clean until they die of exhaustion. The three brothers head their separate ways, knowing that when the sunrises the resentment, the hate, the memories, will return, driving a wedge further between them, eventually leading to a breaking point, a point when their sins will multiply, a point where their brothers blood will cry out from the ground. Regrets will grow and a once brotherhood will be tormented and destroyed by

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