Nicholas Alan Olding: A Personal Narrative Of My Life

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On the date 11 May 1997, my parents gave birth to their second born, a boy by the name of Nicholas Alan Olding. I was originally born in Fairfax, Virginia which is along the Northern side of the state. My family moved to Overland Park when I was four due to the fact my dad’s work moved him out. My immediate family consists of my father, my mom and my sister and my two dogs. My Dad, Doug, my dad works for Sprint and was the reason we moved out to Kansas. He is also a veteran of the Army where he served in Germany when the Great Wall of Berlin was brought down. My Mom, Tanya, is currently in nursing school trying to achieve one of her life longs dreams. Though in her final year of school she still works as a can in Ku med and loves the thrill of helping her patients. The final human of our…show more content…
Ashley is currently a student as K-State with a major in Biology with a tract of pre-law. The two dogs of the family are, Wrinkles who is a half cocker half sheltie mix. Though he is thirteen years old he is still as playful as his younger years. The last member of my immediate family is my other dog Maizey a Llaso apso cavalier. She is the newest and craziest part of our family being only a young three years old. Though I was born in Virginia and lived there for four years, I was raised in Kansas. I started elementary school at Liberty View, this is where I meet some of my life time friends. During elementary school is when I got serious about my sport, swim. I joined Cool Waves, a year round club team, and swam on the team until my freshman year of high school. After graduating elementary school I moved onto middle school. Though nothing significant happened during this period I began to

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